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We're puppy people.

And old-dog people. And big-dog people. And small-dog people.

The Give Puppy Love Benefit Corporation was founded to deliver pets and their owners joyful experiences while supporting the rescue organizations in caring for and rehabilitating less fortunate animals across the United States.

We believe all dogs deserve love.

Like many others restricted by the pandemic, Covid-19 sped up our plans to dive into the world of dog fostering and adoption. We reached out to several local rescue organizations, and in doing so discovered a huge and enthusiastic network of thousands, together saving millions of animals, largely supported by a volunteer workforce. We are truly amazed by the hard work and generosity of the people providing a home and rehabilitation for pets who are often rescued from abuse or neglect. But sadly, rescue operations frequently run on a shoestring budget. Smaller operations sometimes rely entirely on the generosity of volunteers themselves. A Rutgers University study dug into the efficacy of funding in increasing adoption and decreasing euthanasia rates of shelters, and concluded that when it comes to rescuing dogs and cats, money truly saves lives. We hope our store gives you the opportunity to make that difference.

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We're here to democratize giving.

We're creating Give Puppy Love to try to expand the way charitable giving is done. Although Americans are arguably the most generous people in the world, the charitable landscape still has lots of room for improvement. Many non-profits are dependent on the extremely wealthy or on costly, inefficient fundraising methods.
Meanwhile, the pet supply market is changing for the worse. Corporate giants Amazon and (Petsmart subsidiary) Chewy are devouring market share by pouring untold millions into targeted ads. Given the opportunity, we hope that many would prefer to buy from a store that instead gives a cut to the rescues we depend on. That's why we're launching Give Puppy Love with holiday boxes to support rescue organizations, and opening a full online store that donates 10+% of all purchases to the rescue of your choice in 2021.

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Want to hear more about our journey and ways to get involved?

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